28 Day Barrier Spray

Monthly applications to keep your yard mosquito free – Guaranteed!

28 day mosquito barrier spray

Special Event Saviors

Planning an outdoor wedding or party? Put us on the VIP list!

special event saviors

Sanctum Light & Repel

Looking for a Mosquito Control Solution that doesn’t involve killing bugs?

sanctum mosquito light & Repel

Sanctum Mosquito Control of madison, wisconsin

All of us at Sanctum Mosquito Control love to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Unfortunately mosquitoes can make setting foot in your yard a nightmare. It is time to take a stand – Outdoors is Yours! Let us show you how great it can be Outdoor Living – Mosquito Free.

Linda Rothchild, McFarland, WI

I have been using Sanctum Mosquito Control for over 3 years now. Every year another couple of my neighbors sign up. Once you experience a yard without mosquitoes you will tell all your friends too. It works!

Ron & Debbie Lutz, Madison, WI

Thanks Aaron and Staff @ Sanctum! We really like that your service helps with the ticks in addition to the mosquitoes. Before we started using your service, our German Shepard was always covered in ticks all summer.

Cynthia & Stephen Morris, Cottage Grove, WI

We have a pool and the kids were always getting bit by mosquitoes. It got so bad that we had to do something. Glad we found you! Good customer service, and very effective product. Would recommend. Thanks!

You have nothing to lose but the Mosquitoes!