28 Day Barrier Spray

Protect your loved ones from disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks for up to four weeks per application. Our EPA approved mosquito control solution will wipe out mosquitoes and a variety of other unwanted pests on contact. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – you have nothing to lose but the mosquitoes!


Special Event Saviors

Planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party, or family reunion? Our one-time application will keep your special guests smiling, not itching!


Sanctum Light & Repel

Looking for a Mosquito Control Solution that doesn’t involve killing bugs? Our fully automated light & repel system will light up your night and let the mosquitoes live to bite another day! Odorless, silent, and effective within 15 minutes of use. Sanctum Light & Repel System uses cutting edge LED light fixtures that emit an EPA approved mosquito repellent, creating an invisible halo around your outdoor living space, providing season long protection year after year.


You have nothing to lose but the Mosquitoes!